The Pipe Sizer Provides a Viable Solution To Measuring Pipe Sizes


The Pipe Sizer Provides a Quick Solution for Measuring Pipe Size (diameters)

The Pi-Piper is an innovative and mathematically correct "tape measure" that does the geometry for you! In one step it measures circumference but provides readout in diameter!

It's perfect for Professionals, Tradesmen in construction & Industrial Workers as well as the Homeowner.

The first and only device of its kind, it is easy, compact, and very cost effective.

It measures the circumference of most pipe sizes:
Black or Galvanized, P.V.C. Pipe Schedule 40 & 80, and Copper pipe. It measures Steel and PVC pipe from 3/8" to 18"
and Copper K, L, & M from 3/8" to 12".

The Pi-Piper instantly converts circumference to pipe size readout!

The tapes can be ordered with one side blank. This allows the user to affix their name or Logo and use them as promotional items. Pi-Piper is the original and only pipe sizer.
Featured in
ENR, Engineering News Record,

Power and Industry magazines.
And on
www.about.com keywords "Pipe Measuring".

For more information about the Pi-Piper,
Contact the distributors: (215-499-2220)
or E-mail: djfromnj@netzero.net.
Dealer inquiries welcome.